Trail Caledonian Society

Promoting and celebrating everything Scottish!


The Trail Caledonian Society is a committee comprised of members who care about promoting and preserving the Scottish heritage in our community.


We host two dance competitions annually, a St. Andrew's Day Pot Luck Celebration and are currently in the works of planning our first mini-highland games.


Membership is on-going and we would love to have you join us! You don't have to be Scottish...we welcome anyone interested in promoting and celebrating all things Scottish. (Haggis consumption strictly optional).


To join, send an email to:

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Meet your Committee!

2014-2015 Elected Officers:

President: Lisa Keech

Vice President: Gordon Titsworth

Secretary: Kathryn Johnston

Treasurer: Gerri Paterson


We are looking forward to an exciting new year! Membership is on-going. If you would like to join our wee family, please send an e-mail to: We would love to have you join us!



Happy Birthday Caledonian's

Est. April 11, 1923

Take a moment to read this great articel written by the President of the Trail Pipe Band, Mr. J Gordon Titsworth: Caledonian's Are 90

The Trail Pipe Band and the Kate Shaw Highland Dancers at Gyro Park in 1963.